Scythe-Cimmerian stele from Kurdistan

Stele(s) recovered by Kurdish fighters of Kurdistan,

The figure on the left of the stele is a PKK fighter with his weapon. Included in this series are the following images carved from stone:

More detail of the dagger on the grave stele. Note that it’s virtually the same style of ritual dagger worn by modern Kurd tribesmen.

The king of Mountains

Dogs, and judging by their curved tails, possibly Salukis

It’s a cave, obviously, and a spring of some kind, with water emerging from a spigot hewn from the rock. Notice also the stone work. Obviously this is old, but is it ancient enough to be the work of the Karduchoi

This photograph was taken by Kurdish guerrillas of the HPG, the armed force of the PKK, which has been fighting against the government of Turkey since 1984. I doubt that anyone knows exactly where this picture was taken; anyone, that is, except the guerrillas who took it. I found this photo recently–this and the others which follow–deep in the website of the HPG

Deep in the most remote and inaccessible mountains of Kurdistan called the Gabar Mountains, the Kurdish Freedom Fighters of the HPG/PKK (Peshmerga) have discovered ancient places and artifacts, thought to be of Gordyene or Korduchoi (Modern: Kurd) origin, that have laid on the ground or in caves for thousands of years undiscovered.

(In Memory of Halil Uysal. Kurdish Freedom Fighter, Film Maker and Photographer)