Turkey Uncensored: ‘First, They Came For the Armenians’

In 1936, the Turkish government requested that minority foundations provide a list of their own assets and properties. In 1974, new legislation was passed, banning non-Muslim trusts from owning more property than that which had been registered under their name in 1936.

“The Turkish government continued the seizure of Armenian assets and the legalization of it up until the 2000s,” Bedrosyan wrote. “With legislation brought in 1974, more than 1,400 legally obtained assets of the Istanbul Armenian charitable foundations since 1936 were declared illegal and seized by the state.”

In 2002, Dr. Tessa Hofmann, a scholar of Armenian studies, wrote a comprehensive report titled “Armenians in Turkey Today.” In it, she described the significance of the Armenian schools for the protection of the Armenian identity in Turkey. 


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