Seven Years After Execution, Kurdish Teacher Farzad Kamangar

Farzad Kamangar was 31 when he was arrested by the intelligence ministry in July 2006 for allegedly collaborating with the Kurdish opposition parties. The Iranian regime accused him of being “an enemy of god”.many friends and colleagues including is mother believe that his only crime was his ‘Kurdishness’. His lawyer Khalil Bahramian his lawyer argued that “there was not a shred of evidence” against him.

Interrogations and tortures in numerous prisons carried out where Farzad was held for four years.  Severe physical and mental torture including lashing, burning and hanging from the ceil were among practices to break his resistance. Farzad’s letters and articles about the inhumane conditions inside prison helped to bring international condemnations from many organisations including UNICEF and the Education International which represents teachers across the globe.


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