Iran: 27 Kurdish Prisoners under Immediate Execution order

Twenty-seven Sunni and Kurdish prisoners have given execution verdict by Iranian Judiciary system.Majority of these prisoners are charged under “Enmity with God” or “Moharebe(h)“.

On Saturday, April 30, Mr. Shojaee, the supervisor for ward number 4 in Rejaee prison, has told the prisoners that their verdict will be executed.

Majority of these prisoners have been arrested during 2009 and 2011 in Kurdistan province of Iran and have had no access to lawyer to defend themselves. The “Moharebe(h)” charges have been confirmed by judge without right to appeal even without lawyer.

The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to use this charge to purge political dissidents, GLBT, ethnic and religious minorities and those it finds inconvenient.  It is a capital offense and almost certainly comes with a death sentence.  It often comes with additional charges of association with an opposition or separatist group, such as PKK, PJAK, PDKI, or Sunni groups; propaganda against the state; attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic; and conspiracy to undermine the government.

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Sanandaj/Iran Airport, 1980, executions of Kurds
Sanandaj/Iran Airport, 1980, executions of Kurds
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