Turkey bombarded own villages 

Turkey bombarded Kurdish villages in its own territory under claims of fighting terrorism. An air-assisted operation was launched by the Gendarmerie Special Operations and Police Special Operations teams in the rural area of ​​Akçalı village, where Alevi citizens residing in the center are among the regions curfew-declared by the Governor’s Office in Semsur (Adıyaman) between 12-26 January.

F-16 fighter planes departing from the 8th Jet Base Command in Diyarbakir bombed the Akçakalı countryside in the operation initiated by Adana Gendarmerie Regional Command. After the bombardment, the soldiers and policemen were sent to the region with Skorsky helicopters. While all the roads to the operation zone, where the cobra-type helicopters are sent, are closed, no one is allowed to enter the region.



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