Iran Terror Machine Reignited

Wednesday evening, April 13, two activists from the city “Panjwin” in Sulaimaniyah province called “Kamal Sheikh Sadiq” and “Sadiq Salyava” kidnapped by unknown people and then shot and killed.

Wednesday evening two activists were disappeared and family and friends effort fails of their condition.

Bloody body of “”Sadiq Salyava” were found next morning outside of Penjwen in a valley body of “Kamal Sheikh Sadiq” were recovered near the bridge “Koxlan” with eight bullets, near the Iranian border.

“Kamal Sheikh Sadiq” murder occurs while previously three assassination attempts had failed on him by Marvian and Baneh office Intelligent Service of Iran.

Last time, about six months ago, several members of Bane’s office were arrested after the assassination attempt on “Kamal Sheikh Sadiq”, by security forces in Kurdistan Region Government.

According to the Roj news, under the pressure from the Iranian security officials were later released and returned to Iran.

Kurdistan Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) issued a statement demanding that the perpetrators of the assassination have to be punished.

The party has threatened in a statement that while identification and determination of organisational affiliation of those responsible for the murder, will pay the price.

According to information received by the Roj news, security forces in 15 April, several people accused of involvement in the assassination of the two citizens were arrested.

Few documents have been found in the car which belong to Kurds from Iran and citizens from the city of Sanandaj have been transferred to the Detention Centre in Sulaimaniya for further research.

Kamal’s wife in an interview with the media called KRG to find and punish the perpetrators of the assassination.

Kamal Sheikh Sadiq was a former member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and until 2007 was an officer of forestry and jungle protection agency from the city of Penjwen, Iraqi Kurdistan.

In recent years, many political activists to escape from the hands of the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran had crossed the Iranian border. These two activists’ house played a shelter for those escaped from Iran.
On Thursday, their bodies transferred to Penjwen and buried after family and friends salute and praise.

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