Iran : Doctoral Student Disappeared

“Shehab Ahmed Azar» doctoral student in mechanic engineering from Kurdish ethnicity at the Islamic Azad University Bonab was arrested four days ago. He was arrested in his paternal home in the city of Naqade by the security forces and his fate is still unknown.

Student of Islamic Azad University Bonab Monday on 25 April 2016 being detained by security forces Orumiyeh Intelligence Office and then he was transferred to an unknown place. State officials have no explanation, and his family has not been informed.

A source close to the family told the reporters that “Security forces broke into the house and searched all items including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, books, and personal belongings, and they took with them.”

“Shehab Ahmed Azar” has been arrested earlier in 2015 on charges of “supporting one of the opposition parties.” He was put under investigation and interrogation for three months in solitary confinement. His candidacy for city council was denied due to his ethnicity. At the time this report is published, no update is received from his status and condition.


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