Will Trump Help Kurds Burn the Treaty of Lausanne? 

You helped the diminutive Mrs. Hill feel great again and the same is needed to make the Kurds feel free now.

“Burn the Mortgage Party” earned you the gratitude of thousands of Americans and helped you become the 45th president of the United States.

“Burn the Treaty of Lausanne Party” will forever guarantee your legacy and that of Americans as the most fervent supporters of freedom.

In doing what we do, we are trying to fill, hard as it is, Thomas Jefferson’s time-tested seven-league boots.

In helping us, I know, you would be paying homage to America’s most famous friend, Marquis de Lafayette.

Will it work?

Let us ask Hegel: “Thought achieves more in the world than practice; for once the realm of imagination has been revolutionized, reality cannot resist.”



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