USA and Syrian Kurdish forces joint operation to liberate Jarabulus

USA and Syrian Kurdish forces have agreed upon a joint operation to liberate Jarabulus and Manbij cities on the west bank of Euphrates River.

A source revealed to BasNews that a number of US officials met with the Syrian Kurdish forces earlier on Wednesday, March 30, discussing the liberation of Jarabulus and Manbij cities where the Islamic State (IS) is currently in control.

He claimed that the US officials promised arial support while the Syrian Kurdish forces will attack the cities on the ground.

According to the source, US has already gained Turkey’s consent over the operation under the condition of “avoiding to approach the A’zaz area in the north of the country.”

As an initial reaction, a spokesperson for the Turkish President said that they have been informed by the US Vice-President about an operation inside Syria, in which the Turkish sensitivities will be taken into consideration.

A military official from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told BasNews last week that USA prevents them form re-claiming A’zaz as the area is under the control of the Syrian opposition forces.

The sources also claimed that thousands of SDF fighters are preparing for the major operation. “Most of the Arab tribal leaders have also shown their support for the planned operation as they can no longer suffer IS brutalities,” the source claimed.

According to BasNews has learned that the SDF fighters are now deployed to Tishreen Dam area which is only 12 kilometres away from Manbij; and the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) forces are only 7 kilometres  away from Jarabulus. The city is some 35 kilometres west of Kobani.

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