Are US and Turkey breaking up ?

The shift in the US’ approach to Turkey became visible when President Obama wouldn’t hold an official meeting with the Turkish leader during the latter’s ongoing visit to America. Despite several common objectives with Ankara, Washington seems to be incapable of turning a blind eye to President Erdogan anymore.

Michael Maloof, former CIA officer and political analyst, believes that the major reason for the rapid deterioration of intergovernmental relations is the Turkish approach toward the Syrian crisis.

Both states appeared to be on the different sides regarding a Kurdish question as well, Maloof asserted.

“Erdogan is bombing the Kurds like crazy and the US is less than happy with that, and as a consequence I think it [cancellation of an official meeting with Obama] is politically a show of not being very pleased with Erdogan and the way he is treating Kurds, the journalists and in general human rights in that area.”

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