Clashes between Syrian regime and Kurdish forces in Qamishli

ARA News

QAMISHLI – Clashes erupted between the Kurdish security police of Asayish and the Syrian regime near the security square in the city of Qamisli killing at least four people.

A fighter of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) –who assisted the local Kurdish police forces in the clasehs– told ARA News that at least two members of the Asayish were killed, and two civilians were killed by regime sniper fire, after the Syrian government militia of National Defense attacked a patrol of the Asayish.

Members of the Kurdish security police could be seen bringing civilians in safety in the city. Moreover, Kurdish special units called HAT were reinforcing the Asayish in the city.

“After regime forces attacked the Asayesh forces in Qamishli city this morning and two members of Asayesh died and other injured, heavy clashes are continuing now in Qamishli city between Asayesh and regime forces,” Massoud, a local journalist told ARA News. “The regime does not believe in Kurdish rights in Syria, and they were angered by the federal declaration by the Kurds,” he said.

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