Iran militrizes Kurdish areas under pretext of recent incident, 56 people arrested

According to reports Kurdistan Human Rights Association quoted by news agencies, internal security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday 7 June 2017, So far, 56 people, many of them citizens of East Kurdistan are, all of them accused of involvement in the the recent terrorist attacks of Tehran have.

As evidenced by the Islamic Republic of Iran under the pretext of the Extremist Sunni Islam in East Kurdistan attempted to arrest a number of residents of East Kurdistan, and this time under the pretext of terrorist attacks citizens of Kurdish once again excuse the prison and to legitimize this range of advertising repression against Sunni extremists in the local media and thereby try to launch a wave of repression and arrests of citizens and the Kurdistan East.

While the Islamic Republic of Iran as the founder of extremism in the world and is considered the political geography of Iran through moral justification and legitimize the measures of of non human rights on the basis of faith in the principle of velayat e faqih other faiths after another in the prison are and the cause of the spread of such extremism among the followers of religions other than the ruling system while many religions supreme leader in political and social system, the highest decision-making authority and contrary to consider religions.


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