Two Presidents, an Oscar and Kurds

Kani Xulam writes a letter to Mr. Ahmadinejad. 

As a native of Kurdistan, I hate seeing you provide grist for late-night comedians to demean our image!

You should be as sick and tired as I am of being a humiliating punch line for the English-speaking world.

Why not let them laugh at Europeans, Latin Americans, Africans, and Asians for a change?

But your letters clearly show that you want to keep lumping us all together as happy-go-lucky zombies of this world.

My appeal is a desperate attempt to stop you, hopeless as it may be, from bloviating for the sake of satirical equality.

To begin with, you say Persians have “presented thousands of scientists and artists” with “innumerous” achievements to the world.

One of them, Anousheh Ansari, was in the news the evening of the day that your letter went public.

She was addressing millions of Americans on behalf of Ashgar Farhadi, a compatriot of yours, who won Hollywood’s highest award, an Oscar, for best foreign film.

The Internet dubbed her an “astronaut” and said this conqueror of the stars had rained wisdom on Americans when she quoted the filmmaker:

“Dividing the world into the ‘us’ and ‘our enemies,’” is futile and it is bound to increase the level of the “fear” in the world.

As a politician, you were more direct: “The contemporary US belongs to all nations, including the natives of the land. No one may consider themselves the owner, and view others as guests or immigrants.”

That’s a good thought, in theory.


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