Abraham and Nena

By Hamíit Qliji Bérai

Social sciences false information facilities dominate the world. The international mind is filled with falsehoods. Wrong information = wrong understanding, which leads to wrong ideas. Now, during four centuries of the academic work of related disciplines; the archaeologists, historians, linguists, anthropologists, philosophers and biblicalists are stacking on a colonial corrupt construction that until now, continues in the cultural policy and academic educational works, which necessarily needs to be completely overturned, since it is not a matter of some misunderstanding or here and there some corrections but it is an entirely false construction and wrong understanding. Nonetheless, the establishment appreciates only contributing to its cultural appropriation upon their societies, no nosy.

The ancient Near East civilizations, from the earliest time (archaeology, cultural stratigraphy, language, philosophy, ethnography and the Bible), form the ground of contemporary social sciences.

From this research has been clear that the Roman church initially and the present colonial education system during its four centuries existence, are assisting the Islam and Muslim conquerors (Arabs, Iranians and Turks) to convert and overcome the traditions of matriarchal fertility, biological naturalism philosophy. That is a swindle alliance of Christianity, Islam and the contemporary establishment of the education system. The patriarch cardinal Abraham (the prophet) continued matriarchy biological naturalism philosophy. Abraham was sent by Supreme Matriarchy Legislator Nena (dinker Nana, cardinal grandmother), on mission “one international humanitarian law”. That is the proper Abrahamic “Uru, Hebru” patriarchy. The Islam is a swindle was founded on lies of the Roman Church.

That is how humanity (especially the women and Kurds) became the arch enemy to the by Romans adopted Jewish, Christianity and Islam. That up to now, continuously has led to deception of the world, terrorism, terrorization of humanity at all, oppression of the women, genocide of the Kurdish people (Kurds, Jews and Armenians) by the Romans, Muslims and by the Nazis during the First and Second World War. They have destroyed the matriarchal civilization and decivilized the spirit of the Kurdish communities from the highest level of scientific knowledge and civilization. The ancient civilizations were destroyed by the Roman Christianity, Islam and colonialism.

The Roman Christian missionaries, Portuguese colonial agents in order of the Roman Christian Church, and later as the Royal Society of London had desired the agents of East India Company (Dutch-British, e.g. Samuel Flower) structured, pictured images and carved the trilingual cuneiform inscription of Persepolis in 1600s. Then in order of the Royal Asiatic Society of London, the cuneiform inscriptions and images of supposed Persian kings of Bísetūn were carved and pictured in 1800s by the agents of East India Company, Major General, Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, James Felix Jones and Alexander Hector. Evidently, the establishment that “Rawlinson deciphered the cuneiform script of the trilingual inscriptions of the Achaemenian Kings of Persia at Persepolis and Bísetūn, which led to the decipherment of the cuneiform literature” is a lie. The decipherment of cuneiform inscriptions did not begun in 1840s, but they revealed the invented falsehood and publicized it for discussion. The first revealed translated cuneiform inscription was the pretended Persian kings’ inscriptions of Persepolis.

Despite my approaches, the establishment for archaeologists, historians, linguists, anthropologists, philosophers and biblicalists, does not like to know about it. They put their heads in the sand to avoid and ignore any discussion, see In Vain Approaches to Conspirators. Probably they need to be forced by the international community, even from the outside of their relevant fields. During the past quarter century I have documented undisputed multidisciplinary evidences (about 1500 pages), which have always been available for peer review, for instance see The Earliest Farmers.

These institutes and experts should be hauled before the national and international courts on charges committing criminal offenses “falsifying historical documents; adapting and providing false educational sources; fooling the international community; spending of the education budget and grants to committing crimes; destruction of the archaeological records of human history and cultural heritages of the humankind; concealing of information on historical ethnic and linguistic development records and records of biological naturalism philosophy; concealing historical and philological information, which could possibly elucidate the history of the People”. The establishments’ concern entirely ancient world are hoaxes.

Now is the time to take action, we need to take action against these crimes, if we do not, they will continue this. We need to challenge them to stop educating next generations with lies and scams. People have been educated with false information provisions, generations to generations, even your ancestors, you and your descendants. The governments should take their responsibility seriously to stop that and to stop spending of education means, academic awards, grants and funding on committing criminal offenses.

It is also your responsibility to break the silence and to help the true succeed in its endeavors.

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Hamíit Qliji Bérai, The Hague, October 2, 2016;


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