A Kurdish Poet Arrested in Ilam by Iranian Officials

According to a report of the Kurdistan’s Democracy and Human rights Center, Ali Mohammad Mohammadi, the Kurdish poet and political activists who is a member of the election campaign of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani were arrested Saturday morning. The arresting came after Mohammadi read a satirical poem related to the upcoming election in the opening ceremony of the Rohani’s campaign in Ilam on April 27.

The satirical poem complained to the 8th Imam of Shias for being an Imam for the hardliners not the reformists.

The Ilam Army Commander Sadegh Hosseini, the famous Islamic Marja Taghlid Ayatolla Mokarem Shirazi and the Chairman of the Rouhani’s Election Campaign in Ilam Mohammad Shariatmadari issued statements and demanded the Judiciary to “prosecute the poet and those who are behind this action”.



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