Hemen Mostafaei Kurdish political prisoner death sentence caused chaos in Kurdish city

Hemen Mostafaei, was born in July 1989 and from the village Kanidinar the function of the city of Marivan is he in March 2013 , the solar arrested and put pressure on and persecution of him in the custody of state security of the Islamic Republic of Iran to confessed in front of TV cameras of the English language station (Press TV) affiliated to the Iranian regime, and accordingly the charge of cooperating with one of the parties Kurdish involvement in the murder of Ibrahim Mohammadi retired Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the criminal court of the city Sanandaj in East Kurdistan, was sentenced to death but his charge b The physical and psychological torture by and under the title.

It should be noted that the Iranian government systematically in detention centers its security, prisoners tortured both physically and psychologically to get them in front of television cameras confessed to most security policies in Kurdistan to advance the its clear violation of Article 10 of the Universal Declaration which states: Everyone is entitled to full and equal access to justice clear and fair by independent and impartial tribunal is up against any criminal charge against him, his rights and obligations hearing be.



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