Turkey occupy Afrin

AFRIN- The Turkish army have occupied other parts of Afrin canton and started to build a wall on the artificial border.

The Turkish occupation army occupied parts of Gorda village lands in Bulbul in Afrin canton on Saturday evening, and they passed drilling machines to start building a wall on the artificial border between Rojava and Babur Kurdistan.

During their occupation of the village’s lands, the Turkish occupation army has cut the trees of the village in the areas that it occupies using drilling machines and has started digging.

Afrin people expressed their condemnation of the Turkish occupation practices, and will be heading today to Gorda village to stand against the Turkish occupation practices and prevent them from building the wall.

And it has been noted that the Turkish occupation army occupied spaces of canton lands in the border villages and cut thousands of trees, as they targeted anyone tried to head to their orchards using live bullets. Withal, their occupation of Rojava lands in al-Jazeera and Kobani cantons.

The Turkish occupation of Rojava lands came after the international silence about Turkish practices against Rojava people and the continuous support to ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusrah and others.



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