Turkey Eliminate Kurds Protection , Curse of Majority Democracy

Pejvak Kokabian

May 2, 2016, Turkey’s parliament removed the parliamentary protection for members of parliaments. Turkish constitutional commission has passed the proposal for the vote on immunity to be removed. If the bill is passed favorably, HDP MP’s can be arrested. This law has been passed by other Turkish political parties who have seats in parliament. Passage of this law can be seen only to persecute  Kurdish MPs under terrorism charges. The bill follows a week of arguments and physical fight in parliament, at least for two incidents in one week. It seems that Turkey is a democracy only on paper. Turkey equals the word terrorism with Kurds since it has no other excuse to slaughter and systematically suppress them. Few months ago, in the daylight of DiyarBakir (Amed), Tahir Elci, a prominent pro-Kurdish lawyer and rights activist was shot dead. Since then nobody has been taken into account and no charges laid against any suspects. Many hold that these murders receive settled state supports. Many groups, such as Hezbollah of Turkey, Ergenekon and several mafia groups operating freely inside Turkey and even some point the rise of ISIS to provided the infrastructure of these groups in Turkey. Even Noam Chomsky, prominent intellectual called Erdogan, murderer.
Minority rights and Kurdish rights specifically have been systematically and repressively removed from people. Since the inception of Turkey, minorities include Armenians, Greeks and other always have fought with a systematic racist system. A system which monopoly over one language, one race and one power structure is institutionalized in its constitution. Unfortunately due to media fragile foundation and religious views of majorities of Turks, any opening might not have been supported by the population. Many consider that Jacobean democracy does not work in countries where rights of minorities always suppress by a dictatorship of the majority with distinct race, religion or other separating characteristics. As a solution, many suggest more regional system of governance which all branches of government should make the decision in the district and province level. Political experts support if people want to co-exist in the same political unit. Otherwise, secession is another bitter option. However, countries who rule the Kurds, have not shown that intention even to a minimum level of autonomy. Iran follows the same pattern; Kurds hold distinct culture, language, economic lifestyle and identity. UN special envoy for Human rights reports that majority of hanged are Kurd in Iran, despite the fact they account for 10 percent of a population.

The story of curse of majority is a bitter one. Self-rule should be an option.


Tahir Elci

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