Lost in Iranian Ballyhoo: Is it Muslim Ban?

The community of Iranians shape one of the largest share of immigrants in the US out of seven countries in the executive order. During recent visa ban on Iranian visa holders, the widespread hype has been orchestrated with tacit Persian influence over academia, officials, and professionals in the country. According to statistics and reports, Iranians have not been committing a direct act of terror inside United stated. However, reports fail to address the indirect support of terror by Iranians. It was after 1979 revolution; Mr. Tabtabaei whom was murdered on US soil in Maryland on July 1988 by an agent paid by Iran, afterward he fled to Iran. Years later, the murderer acted in an Iranian movie on Afghanistan subject (Qandahar Journey).

Eight years later, in 1988, when US Navy ship, the Vincennes, directly exchange the fire and shoot down the Airbus 655, the US actually become involved in a direct fight with Iran. In this case, Iran performed a revenge in an indirect and tacit way, a few months later Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Scotland by paid Libyan nationals, later a defector confesses that Iran was behind the plot.
Politically immature governments may get involved in direct sabotage and overt terror activities,however states like Iran with resources can obtain assassination services from third party and mafia groups and perform covert agendas, the case of Mr. Arbab is the latest incident.
In this paper, author sheds lights on methods and strategies in which Iranians utilize to spread terrorism and impose their initiatives.

This article addresses only Mr. Trump immigration ban on Iranians with visas.

Keywords: Trump, immigration ban, Iran, Persian, Kurds, Kurdistan


Kokabian, P, Lost in Ballyhoo: Is it Muslim Ban? (February 2, 2017). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2912017
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