10 Oct – Rojava Red Cross

Since this morning, TAF has removed parts of the border wall near Tal Halaf, Tal Arqam and Aziziyeh villages (All Ras Al Ain, Sere Kaniye) and TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) and OAGs have engaged in clashes with SDF during attempts to advances further inside NES.

Clashes were reported in the three locations mentioned above as well as in Ras Al Ain Town, Western Alok, near Jan Tamer (Yezidian village) and Bir Asheq village (also all in Ras Al Ain sub-district). There have been no territorial changes at the time of writing.

In Ein Issa Sub-district, two airstrikes were recorded against a bridge 3km south of Ein Issa town.


Cross border fire and clashes taking place in and around Tell Abiad town have stopped at around 0300hrs with no territorial changes.



  • Sere Kaniye Ras Al Ain (x7)


  • Tell Abiad (x3)


  • Ein Issa sub(x2)


  • Al-Malekkiyeh Derik sub-district (x1) Indirect Fire Impacts:


  • Tell Abiad sub-district (x9)


  • Ras Al Ain sub-district (x6)


  • Al-Malekkiyeh sub-district (x4)


  • Quamishli city (x4)


  • Jawadiyah sub-district (x3)


  • Amuda sub-district (x2)


  • Ain Al Arab/Kobane (x2)



Heavy clashes were ongoing in Tilebeyd and in the morning while there was a delegation from the tripes going to support SDF from Ein issa to Tilebyed, their convoy was targeted and casualties were reported.


The Kurdish red crescent and MSF working in the hospital had then limited access to the area of Tilebeyed, while KRC teams are depending on Trauma stabilization points and ambulances (at least 15 ambulances are involved in the response so far) while the main hospital to be referred to is still KRC hospital (Shehid Legerin) in Tel Tamr, private Hasake Hospitals supported by WHO and private Qamishli Hospitals.


Any further event/incidents will be shared in the next update.


Casualties and damages so far:


Current information suggests the following civilian casualties recorded by KRC team until 9pm 10.10.2019


09.10. – From the whole region NES (North-East Syria): 20 injuries – between the ages 10-50 (male and female), 3 dead cases – ages unknown at time of writing (male and female). 11 of them just in Qamishlo.


10.10. – From the whole region NES: 16 injuries – between the ages 8-60 (male and female), 8 dead cases (male and female) – between the ages 11-73 (male and female) 6 from Serekaniye and 2 from Qamishlo. Most injured persons where today in Qamishlo.


The 8 years old girl lost her leg, her brother 11 died.

between last night and this morning, the following developments took place:

In Ras Al Ain Sub-District, clashes continued overnight around the Alok Water Station, but SDF managed to repel OAGs attempted advances.

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