9 Oct – Rojava Red Cross Report

Airstrikes targeted:


In 9th of October:


  • Sere Kaniye (Ras Al Ain) x7


  • Ein Issa x2


  • Tell Abiad x1


  • 1635hrs: indirect fire against Tell Salloush(west Al Munbateh) – Tell Abiad Sub-District.


  • 1640hrs: airstrike onto previous CF border post in Tell Fender – Tell Abiad Sub-District.


  • 1650hrs: indirect fire onto Bir Asheq checkpoint – Tell Abiad Sub-District.


  • 1650hrs: two airstrikes against Abu Serra and Hoshan villages (approx. 15km northwest of Ein Issa Town) – Ein Issa Sub-District. Six SDF members were reportedly killed.


  • 1700hrs: indirect fire on a military position of the Tell Abiad Military Council (evacuated a week ago) and onto the school in Yabseh village – Tell Abiad Sub-District.


  • 1730hrs: Indirect fire towards Qanat Swiys Neighbourhood of Quamishli City –Quamishli Sub-District.


  • 1730hrs: Mortar rounds and artillery fire onto the outskirts of Mansura village – Al-Malekkiyeh Sub-district.


  • 1740hrs: Indirect Fire onto the outskirts ofEsmailiyeh village – Al-Malekkiyeh Sub-district.


  • 1820hrs: Indirect Fire against Tal Elhasanat and Kherbet Balak villages – Jawadiyah Sub-district.


  • 1830hrs: TAF removed parts from the wall north of Quamishli City.


  • At night a lot of clashes were happening in Tal Abyed and casualties from both sided were recorded.


The Kurdish red crescent has already declered on 9th :


This targeting is affecting the situation in NES for Local and IDPs in the 7 main camps in NES, we have already declared in KRC that:


Due to the clashes on the border with Turkey and injuries and casualties, we have been required to 15
reposition our medical and ambulance teams from several camps such as Al Hol, Areesha, Ein Issa, Roj
and other camps. Unfortunately, this situation may cause a decline in the quality of work in these
camps, which contain tens of thousands of refugees and displaced people, but the priorities of the
stage requires that we respond first to life-threatening situations.

Most of our partners from humanitarian organizations and other INGOs in the region, for security reasons, have limited access to the camps, which threatens to decrease the service and increase the burden on the camp administrations and security forces guarding certain sectors within these camps such as Al Hol. We will work in the Kurdish Red Crescent in our best efforts to arrange our teams to respond to the emergency situation on the border with Turkey and to continue working with the same quality in the camps.


The hospital in Serekaniye (Ras Al-Ain) is out of services, cases have been referred to Tel Tamr Hospital, Hasakeh Hospital, and Ein Issa Hospital.


The hospital of Tel Abiad (MSF) is out of the service so the cases were moved to other areas such as Ein Issa, and Tel Tamer.


The hospital of Hasake as all Hasake area have lack of water which creates problem to respond,


The largest Christian Neighborhood (Bisheriya) in NE Syria is being bombed and some civilian houses were burned, 2 of the dyed civilians were from there.

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