11 Oct – Rojava Kurdistan Red Cross

•  Clashes continued overnight in the western and eastern outskirts of Ras Al Ain Town, with OAG advances recorded in the industrial area of the town. Conflict activity decreased after 1100hrs today Tell Abiad Sub-District, during the night SDF regained control over Tel Fender and Yasbseh villages, and OAGs regained control of Yasbseh in the morning. This morning, indirect fire attacks continued south of Tell Abiad town, mainly in and around Badi and Ein Al-Arus (south west) and Breighi (south east).

  • Additionally, last night, cross border indirect fire and cross border clashes were recorded across Quamishlo and Al-Malikeyyeh Districts. Following the cross-border exchanged in Al-Malikeyyeh Sub-District, TAF artillery reinforcement were sent across the border from Hiyaka
  • In Quamishlo city, indirect fire was observed on 4 occasion between onto Qanat Al-Sweis and western neighborhoods of the city as well as onto the Asayish training center of Himo
  • Elsewhere, one artillery strike was recorded onto Samasakh/ Bostan and Zheiriyeh in Malikeyyeh Sub-District, one onto Tal Khatun in Qahtaniya Sub-District and one indirect fire occurred north of Mabruka town
  • A car bomb exploded today in Qamishlo in Monir Habib street (one main road of Qamishlo) and as a result one civilian was killed and 5 were injured in front of one popular restaurant (Omari)
  • Since the last night all Eindiwar town was evacuated afterward the civilian houses were burned by Turkish army/FSA.
  • Mabruka camp (Ras al Ain district) had to evacuate all the IDPs to other camps due to the threating and targeting from the Turkish army and the rebels (FSA).
  • In the late evening conflicts in Al Hol camp, in the annex section which contains ISIS families, where reported by KRC team. The camp security responded. In the time of writing the tensions are still ongoing. No casualties reported yet.
  • 5 ISIS fighters could escape from the main prison in Qamishlo, after targeting by Turkish forces. Reported by Asayish (Kurdish police)



  • There is a lack of water in whole area of Hasakeh, due to the targeting the main water station in Alok, which covers more than 500.000 people. This is also affecting all hospitals in this region.
  • Electricity and phone networks are decreasing in general in all the areas, especially in the border strip.

IDPs movements:

The total number of the IDPs from the border strip to the southern areas since the beginning of the attack:

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