13 Oct – Rojava Red Cross Report

  • In the early morning, the Turkish air forces were flying very carefully over Ein Issa camp which leads to fear between all the IDPs and Refugees inside of it. After that, around 10 am some families left, including ISIS families from the annex section. As the fight was coming so close, the security team of the camp and the self-administration announced that they were not able anymore to control it.


Kurdish Red Crescent, which is the main health responder in the camp, had to leave as well due to security issues, and other actors left. There was a burn of tents in the annex section, and ISIS supporters were carrying weapons with them (seems they had it before). After few hours the Asaysh was able to go back to Einissa checkpoint while the IDPs went to Tilelsemin village, south of Einissa.


IDPs and refugees leaving the camp of Einissa, including ISIS families.


  • Two ambulances of the health Department were kidnapped on the road to Tell Abiad, and no other information about them reached us so far.
  • Turkish backed forces took control of Mabruka Camp during the afternoon. Reportedly, there were about 15 IDP families still in the camp at the time.
  • Around 4 pm, a Turkish airstrike impacted the center of Sere Kaniye- Ras Al Ain town, which was at the time densely populated. The attack caused 11 deaths and 74 injuries at least, among them civilians, and reportedly several international journalists, but we think the number of the victims will increase because there were a lot of several injuries. Those people were from all NES area community, heading to the city to show solidarity with SDF. All were referred to Tel Tamir (S. Legerin Hospital), which was already full, so our team had to refer them to Hasake national hospital and Qamishlo hospital.



















Legerin Hospital in Tiltemir was full of the patient as there were a considerable number of casualties at the same time


  • At the late-night between 11-12 pm, there was bombing on a TSB managed by the health department of NES in Asadiya village 15 km south Ras Al Ain, as a result the two paramedics were heavily injured with one ambulance driver, they were referred to Tiltemir hospital then To Hasake.
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