12 Oct – Rojava Red Cross Report

  • Kobane was strongly targeted since the night. The main hospital was out of the service for three hours because of close bombing that caused damage. Massive displacement was recorded.


  • An explosion occurred in front of Al-Hasakeh Central Prison, No casualties or escapes were recorded.


  • Around 7- 7:15 am, the Trauma Stabilization Point (TSP) set up by KRC in Salihiye village, south of Ras Al Ain, has been hit by what we believe was an airstrike. The TSP was temporarily placed there to support injured persons, 15 minutes away from the front line of RAA. Two KRC staff were injured. Four patients where inside of the TSP but they were not further injured and the staff referred them to Tel Tamer hospital. Two ambulances have been damaged. Both them and staff were clearly displaying KRC logo. KRC staff on the ground report that the airstrike was not nearby but believed they were directly targeted. As a result, the two ambulances were out of the services and the driver and the paramedic were injured.


  • The entirety of the M4 between Ein Issa and Tell Tamer remainds under SDF control. However, turkish baked groups have reportedly made territorial advances between Tell Abiad and Ras Al Ain during the night – around Rajim Aanwa area and possibly further south. And after that they stopped the vehicles on the road and killed some of them (could be only the kurds). The head of one party in NES (Hevrin Khelelf) was one of the casiualties and was captured with the driver. As Kurdish Red Crescent with our humantarian partners we get a lot of support from Hevrin as she was into the humantarian work deeply. One of her speaches- “The war in Syria has destroyed the places of childhood of millions of Syrians. In






Ain Issa camp for displaced Syrians, we suggested that we give the displaced people every tent, a small tree, they plant in front of their tent. Take care of it. To be remembrance of them, after they left the camp towards their cities and homes. It will be a beautiful green memory, in a land that has grieved them and made them homeless. ”


  • Tell Abiad was heavily bombed all the day and medical teams are still working inside of it trying to help the injures although there was a lot of randomly targeting everywhere, which still limit the movement and the work in trauma stabilization points and stop the hospital. KRC team there were trying to rise a flag showing that they are humanitarian organization but this didn’t work as they targeted the TSP in Ras Al Ain.


  • KRC teams are not able to reach Ras Al Ain anymore, but we are still trying to find a way. There is targeting on our ambulances as we try to go closer. After the TSP was targeted the situation get worse.


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