Woman Revolution in Iran

Ten days ago, young Kurdish girl, Zhina (Mahsa) Amini, was murdered while she was under custody by the Iranian Islamic morality police. She was visiting Tehran coming from Saqez, Kurdistan and she was arrested because the morality police accused her not wearing her scarf properly. The government said that she passed away by heart attack, though some brave nurses revealed through her medical documents that she was beaten to death. All the cities in (Rojhalat) Kurdistan started to react to his state-murdering and poured to the street in support of Zhina’s family against gender-apartheid regime. All Kurdistan political parties announced their support of the people’s protests. The protests very soon spread through other big and small cities in Iran and still is going on. It’s the 9th days of the protests and people have decided not to go home because they are decisive to overthrown the Islamic government. The repressive military forces started murdering more and more to force people to go home and finish it. These oppressions were going on when the President of this brutal regime was lecturing in New York at the UN meeting and that is the obvious evidence of the US attitudes toward this regime’s brutality. As usual the Islamic regime cut down the internet to prevent people’s communication tools and to disconnect them from the whole world.
This struggling life has been started several decades for Kurdish people. The Kurdish people’s uprisings have been erased each time under the name of Separatists. Obviously, Kurdistan nation has been supressed more savagely. Of course, the whole country of Iran is under the harshest dictatorship and Iranian people are more aware nowadays and specifically at this uprising. People are being murdered and exhausted but they resist bravely. They empty-handed face the armed and wild military supressing forces on the street. The women remove the forced-Hejab and burn the scarfs that are the symbol of women’s oppression. Tens of dozens are killed and thousands are being arrested. People are remarkably united in this uprising. Some of the slogans are as follow:
“Zhina was from Kurdistan, Kurdistan is not Iran”
“From Kurdistan to Tehran, Women under opression”
“Zhen, Zhian Azadi/Zan, Zendegi, Azadi” = (Women, Life, Freedom)
“Kurdistan is not Alone, Azarbaijan supports Kurdistan”
“Down to Dictator”
If you care about human rights and women rights it is the time to show your solidarity with the people who are on the streets in Iran and (Rojhalat) Kurdistan. Use your platform to give them a voice.

Shoja Ebrahimi
Communist,Worker activist and

member of Kurdistan Revolutionaries Alliance

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