Şırnak: 80% of the city demolished

Curfew, which was declared in Şırnak in response to the people’s demand for self-government, has entered in the first year. The demolition has continued in the city, where 80 percent has been destroyed and lastly a notification to “evacuate” for 100 homes has been sent to the people in the city. Şırnak women say, “They don’t give us a change to live here; however we had worse situation and we didn’t leave our lands. We’ll create our alternatives but Şırnak people need support for that.”

Following the people in Şırnak declared self-government on August and the state started to blockade the city day by day and the curfew was declared in the city on March 14, 2016. The clashes broke out after the homes in the city were shelled by tanks and demolition lasted seven months in the city. When the curfew was partially lifted in the city on November 14, 80 percent of the city were destroyed. The citizens, who set up tents around the city returned to the city after the curfew was lifted. Şırnak people have returned to the city but they have difficulties to find a place to live in.



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