Iran extract Kurdistan water reservoirs 

According to data,  Iranian central government plan to build 33 new dams on Eastern Kurdistan water reservoirs. These dams plan to retain more than 330 billions cubic meter of water.  However in the same time,  seventy-two percent of villages of Eastern Kurdistan (under Iran rule) suffer from state-build droughts. Iran uses a policy of regulation of water conservation under a wider nation-wide water management system. Even though Zagros mountains and eastern part of country naturally do not experience dry conditions but Iranian authorities continously build dams over water resources and transfer the water via underground pipeline to central parts of country. Based on official accounts and government statistics only 8% of reservoirs remain in Kurdish area which are not enough to redistribute among farmers and agricultural sector of region. 

Country’s average access to underground water reservoirs for rural areas is close to 80 percent where this number is 53 percent for Kurdish rural lands, while 83 percent of water underground lies under western,  north and north western part of country. 

Central government utilize an extrative policy toward natural resources in areas where are non-farsi speakers dominate the geography. 


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