Imminent threat of genocide

To: the Honorable Ambassadors of the members of the UN Security Council, the Secretary
General and all members of the United Nations
Subject: Appeal for taking stand and condemning the inhumane behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime

We, as different social communities with different civil, political, and social approaches, while extending our support and gratitude to Mr. Javaid Rahman, UN Special Rapporteur on the
Human Rights situation in Iran and his latest statement regarding the human rights conditions in Iran, appeal to you to take a stand in response to the inhumane behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Iranian people in general and different ethnic and religious minorities in particular, in accordance to the Universal declaration of Human Rights and other UN conventions regarding crime against humanity and protecting the civilians. Hence, we appeal for your leadership to work toward:
• Officially condemning all the oppression against the civilians and especially female activists and under-aged school students which sometimes leads to their death, the violence against protesters who peacefully demand their rights on streets or strike. We also call upon the
acknowledgement of this as gender-based oppression and a crime against humanity.
• Condemning the much harsher oppression and act of violence, with widespread use of machine
guns against protesters in the Kurdish and Baluchi rural and urban areas, since they are ethnically and religiously different and recognize this crime as an ethnic oppression and evidence of genocide.
• Officially condemning the linguistic oppression against the ethnic minorities which means they
are not allowed to receive education in their mother tongue nor are they allowed to use nonPersian
names such as Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic etc. ones, for instance, the name “Jina” who has
become the symbol of the current revolution, The regime also prohibits them from practicing
their cultural and religious rights. We also call upon condemning these acts as ethnic and
religious oppression, as well as cultural and linguistic genocide.
• Forming a committee to study and investigate the crimes against humanity; ethnic, linguistic,
and cultural genocide in Iran which should be supervised by the United Nations and to
investigate crimes committed in the Kurdish, Baluchi, Turkish, Gilaki, Turkmen and Arabic regions.
Swiftly appointing a special observer with special task force to document the crimes against Human Rights in the ethnic areas where crimes against humanity have been witnessed such as in Kurdistan and Baluchistan. There should be a mechanism through which people could provide evidence and send those files easily to the observer in order to show the crimes committed in those regions.
• Acknowledging every measure to protect oneself against the violence committed by the regime as self-defense. This should be for whole Iran, especially in Kurdistan and Baluchistan.
• Revoking or suspending the membership of the Islamic regime in all conventions on Human
Rights, Women’s Rights and ethnic and religious minorities rights due to Iranian government’s
unproportionally use of violence and killing of children and violating the rights of women and
ethnic and religious minorities.
• Holding the Islamic Republic accountable and punish for the crimes against humanity and
ethnic, cultural and linguistic genocide, in accordance with the basic rules of the United Nations and within the chapter 7 and its articles regarding so that the lives of civilian people are
Finally, for the equality of all human beings, and to protect the lives of the innocent people who
are demanding their legitimate rights, we hope that the international community takes stand and that the Security Council supports the Jina Revolution with the slogan of “Women, Life, Liberty” promising a better world for all nations.
November 1, 2022
The relevant conventions approved by the general assembly of the United Nations which confirm our demands are:
1. The Human Rights declaration, approved on 10/12/1948
2. The charter of United Nations, approved on 26/06/1945
3. Abolishing all kinds of discrimination against women, approved on 18/12/1979
4. Women’s political rights, approved on 20/12/1952 – 31/03/1953
5. Children’s rights, approved on 20/11/1989
6. Civil and political rights, approved on 16/12/1966
7. Economic, social and cultural rights, approved on 16/12/1966

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