SDF women will transform the Middle East

Speaking to ANHA, Felat said, “As the SDF, we are raising the resistance against all mentalities that want to subordinate women.”

“Daesh has turned Raqqa into the castle of tyranny. Under the leadership of women, we are marching towards their castle of tyranny,” Felat stated.

“In the Middle East women are assigned traditional roles such as wife, mother, house-worker. With the establishment of the SDF, however, this has changed and traditional roles have been turned upside down.

“The approach of Daesh [to women] and the approach of the capitalist system is essentially the same. Both mentalities utilise womanhood, expose women and exploit them,” Felat said.

“With the SDF, the women of our region have taken developments by the scruff of the neck and left their imprint on the direction of the battle. As a result, women have re-established themselves in every sphere of life.”


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