Turkey to launch new operations in Kurdish soil 

According to news media from Turke, a new wave of military operations will begin in South East Turkey, the home to Kurdish population. 

These operations target civilians and sadly has faced silence from international community. 

Soylu said: “Those who got spoiled after reaching the %10 threshold on June 7 (2015 elections) had threatened, deceived, and took advantage of our brothers there and asked for their votes… Those who wanted to poison this nation’s unity by saying ‘we are going to run Southeast Anatolia from now on’ attempted to declare autonomy… Where are they now? In jail! If you are that brave, declare it now… Our people (security forces) are looking for them everywhere (in the region) and they run away like rats. We went to Lice. Just there, nearly 7000 of our children has started an operation. 


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