Turkish state wants to finish what ISIS started: Kurdish Yazidi Commander

Shingal Resistance Units (YBȘ) Commander Zerdeșt Șengali commented on the airstrikes by Turkish warplanes on the Yazidi homeland in the Kurdistan Region and said: “We will continue to do the same as when we didn’t surrender and resisted in the August 3 [ISIS attack] and March 3 [Roj-Pesh attack]. We have the strength for it. Everybody will see that.”

Șengali also made the following call: “All our people should show their dissent to the fascist genocidal Turkish state and their accomplices by taking to the streets and support Shengal.”

Several jet fighters were used in the attack which targeted the Shengal radio, wedding hall and other civilian locations.

YBȘ (Shengal Resistance Units) Commander Zerdeșt Șengali spoke to ANF about the attack and said the Turkish state aimed to create psychological pressure by targeting civilian locations and make the people surrender through this. Șengali added: “We will defend ourselves against any and all attacks. Our people should hold demonstrations to support Shengal.”



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