Turkey will turn into civil war regardless of referendum outcome

Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Relations Afrin canton of Rojava, Jihan Mohammed province, said that Turkey will turn into a hotbed of internal wars , whether the referendum outcome is yes or not, as a result of the reckless policy of Erdogan she said.

In an interview conducted by news agency vice-president with the Hawar Commission for External Relations of the province of Afrin, Jihan Mohammed told that as we are approaching to the referendum on constitutional amendments on April 16 this in Turkey, which aims to transform the parliamentary government system in Turkey to a presidential system.

Jihan Mohammed at the beginning of her speech said that the popular revolution in Bakur Kurdistan was an extension of the revolution promoted in Rojava, “This revolution has achieved great success thanks to the resistance of the people of Rojava and those military units who protect people and women. This was the essence of resistance of the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan. They wanted to prevent Erdogan’s government to a democratic government. 



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