The Hit List: Killing pro-Kurds on the orders of the highest Turkish State officials 

Former MIT chief, Mehmet Eymur, produced a 54 name hit list before the No. 1 High Criminal Court in Ankara in mid 2014 where he was testifying as a witness into extra judicial killings carried by Turkish state agents in the 1990s. The order is reported to have been given by then President Suleyman Demirel and endorsed by PM Tansu Çiller.1 In other words, the decision was taken at the highest levels of the Turkish state. Prominent Kurdish activists and businessmen were targeted and killed. The basis was their support for resolving the Kurdish Question and by extension, supporting the PKK. Several parallel lists are likely to exist on a need-to-know basis. Another list concerned undesirable foreigner close to the Kurdish issue and yet another of those considered sympathetic to the Kurdish cause from inside the Turkish state – all were designated as enemies and very likely still are today where still alive.

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