Cocolonialism : A new look at new-colonialism

The book explore new multi-dimensional take-over of countries and how near colonizer and far colonizer has taken over the mind, land, institutions and monetary systems of majority of countries.
Cocolonialism is the systematic oppression of a nation by a central government (near-colonizer) of a third-world country that operates with encouragement and approval from the imperial powers (far-colonizer). Together the near and far colonizers suppress the colonized nation by their institutionalized destruction of the colonized nation’s language, literature, culture, minds, and identity along with blatant exploitation of their natural and human resources. The book is a factual eye-opener that describes the abysmal exploitation in the land of Kurdistan by explaining in remarkable detail the socioeconomic potential of the Kurdish lands.
Despite the undeniable treasures of the region, Kurdistan today has deteriorated into a land of distress, poverty, and depression with the world’s highest suicide rate in Ilam city. The once prosperous cities of Kurdistan have turned into ruins and the local economy is paralyzed while fear and insecurity settle in the hearts of the Kurds. The book relies on data, maps, and documented facts to reveal colonizer’s tyrannical rule and oppression of the peripheral nations in today Iran.

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