How to get elected dictator of Turkey: A ten-step guide

It appears that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has gotten himself elected dictator of Turkey through 2029, by a conveniently slim margin of 51-49%. So for other autocratic world leaders out there hoping to replicate his feat—who are tired of pesky Constitutions and Executive limitations—here are a few helpful steps he took that you can follow:

(1) Stage a military coup against your authoritarian regime and blame the so-called conspiracy on an America-living cleric (Fethullah Gulen), who you can then accuse of being a shadowy foreign puppet. And don’t worry if you’re actually a member of NATO and host U.S. military bases on your territory, most of your paranoid lumpen supporters will barely notice the disconnect between your words and reality.

(2) Utilize mob violence against the opposition, and have your AKP & MHP Bozkurtlar goon squads attack over 500 HDP offices throughout southeastern Turkey (i.e. occupied Northern Kurdistan).

(3) Arrest and imprison the male and female co-leaders of the opposition HDP party – Selahattin Demirtas (Kurdish) and Figen Yuksekdag (Turkish), and throw them into solitary confinement, along with other members of Parliament. Since the international community has let you kidnap and imprison the Kurdish PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan on an island (like Nelson Mandela) since 1999, they will hardly notice a few more political prisoners.

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