Unbelievable, Turkey moves to censor ‘no’ word from public domain

For many years,  it was illegal to use W,  Q and X letters in Turkey. These letters do not exist in Turkish alphabet,  but since they exist in Kurdish alphabet,  Turkey tried for many years to censor them. After creation of Internet,  Turkey had to remove ban due to use of www in domain names.

Turkey is facing a historic referendum and “No” campaign is an obstacle to AKP total power grab. According to Komnews history is being repeated in Turkey again.

In a latest incident, the Oscar nominated film, ‘No’, directed by Pablo Larrain and telling the story of an advertising campaign against the re-election of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in the 1988 election, has been removed from Turkey’s largest satellite provider Digiturk.

According to reports the 2012 film was removed on Thursday by the Qatari-owned company after its viewing numbers went up due to the relevant subject matter of the film. The company confirmed they had removed the film but did not give a reason.

In a separate incident in the central Anatolian city Konya, the local municipality removed ‘say no’ brochures published to encourage people to quit smoking,  says Komnews.



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