UN: Kurds almost half of political prisoners in Iran

Asma Jahangir, the UN Special Rapporteur-designate for Human Rights in Iran, released her advanced remarks on the violation of rights in Iran,

In her report, she mentioned mutilation of prisoners, random shooting of Kurdish kulbar, and the unjust detention of a prominent Kurdish filmmaker.

Among the ongoing and pressing issues in Iran, Jahangir pointed to the persecution of Bahais, discrimination against women, and severe suppression of ethnic minorities, mainly Kurds.

“Almost one-fifth of the executions that took place in Iran in 2016 concerned Kurdish prisoners,” read her report.

“Among those executions, 21 were related to the crime of “moharebeh” (serious offences, caused by a lethal weapon) and one to the membership in a Kurdish political party,” Jahangir added.


Ava Homa


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