Turkey is using the most lethal methods

Commenting on the upcoming referendum of April 16, the KCK executive said: “We will support any constitution that allows more freedom and strengthens democracy, which is our criterion to support constitutional changes. The draft constitution, if approved, will take Turkey in a completely opposite direction, which will benefit neither Kurds nor Turks. Therefore, if the referendum does not pass, it will halt the hegemonic trend, benefit Turkey’s democratization and could create new opportunities for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish problem, for which we have repeatedly called but the Turkish government refuses to commit. However, if the “Yes” campaign wins the referendum, we believe the war—which was resumed on July 24, 2015 — will intensify. After the failed coup last year, the state of emergency was declared, which is nothing new. We saw the same development after the 1980 coup. We have been engaged in our struggle for 45 years, and various governments of Turkey have failed to suppress our movement.”

Asked “You have called the European Union, the United States and the international community several times to mediate a resolution to the Kurdish issue. Have you received any responses? On the other hand, some believe Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may resume talks with Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali if he achieves his dreams of changing the Turkish system. Is there any hope?”, Bayık stated the following:

“There is no doubt that the Kurdish question is gaining international attention, despite the Turkish government’s intensified efforts to downsize our movement. The past political context, which necessitated certain powers to remain silent about the Turkish genocides against our people, no longer exists. Therefore, we call on all global powers to play a positive role and force Turkey to accept peaceful negotiations to the Kurdish issue. We have declared before that if Turkey is ready for a peaceful solution, the government may invite its allies to monitor the negotiations. This is still our approach, which Turkey continues to refuse and its allies have not taken the necessary steps to start negotiations. We are very optimistic that the new US administration, led by Donald Trump, can encourage Turkey to seek a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue. We are ready to engage any party that serves peace and stability.”



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