A Kurdish prisoner gets 10 more years due to missing file

According to Mafnew, Mostafapour,  a 25-year-old political prisoner, was expected to be released this year.
He was arrested in 1991 on a charge of being related to one of the Kurdish political parties.  He was sentenced to 25 years in prison after receiving lashes and several forms of tortures.
In recent days, a family member of Osman MostafaPour has visited him in Urumeye prison and this new development has been given.
During this time, all family efforts to receive pardon was rejected by State.
Now, authorities claim that his file has been lost in the old bureaucratic prison system and since it is missing from the archive, therefore, he has given another 10 years to spend in jail.

From the moment of his arrest, six months in solitary confinement of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, he has faced with the most severe physical, psychological torture and harassment.


Source in Farsi


Osman Mostafapour
Osman Mostafapour, jailed for 25 years and 10 more years to come
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